New Advocacy Strategies and Tactics

Identify, Engage, Inspire, and Mobilize

Advocacy is where our public relations and inbound marketing services come together to help you develop and execute the kind of campaigns that change lives, industries and the world!

We can help you to:

  • identify and analyze opposing forces, influencers and strategies
  • develop emotionally and intellectually compelling messaging
  • meet one-on-one with key officeholders and government regulators
  • conduct inbound marketing campaigns to build supporter and donor bases
  • create persuasive advertising, collateral and online content
  • alert, inspire and manage grassroots supporters
  • generate favorable media coverage (traditional, online and social)
  • conduct fundraising drives and events to support campaigns
  • track and analyze campaign effectiveness through analytics and social listening

Are there more effective strategies and technologies today that can help you identify, engage, inspire and activate more supporters?  Let's schedule a call it's free and you're bound to learn something valuable!

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