Associations and inbound marketing share the same goal: to provide value.

That's why membership recruitment campaigns that incorporate inbound marketing methodologies are so effective. They don't just hint at the value of joining your association - they prove it. In our latest eBook illustrating "inbound marketing in action," you'll learn specifically how and why it can be a high-ROI addtion to your marketing mix.

Inside, you'll find insights and tips on:BPA Association Membership eBook CTA.png

  • Developing in-depth new member personas;
  • Building content around the right keywords;
  • Repurposing your association's digital assets to attract prospects;
  • Developing automated email workflows to nurture prospects; and
  • Promoting and analyzing your contents' performance.

Download "Inbound Marketing in Action: Powering Association Membership Campaigns" today by filling in the form to the right.  (Don't worry, we value this information too much to share it!)