Looking for a better, easier and more measurable way to meet your association's marketing and communications needs? 

Whether your current priority is to help recruit/retain members; attract vendors/sponsors; sign up attendees/participants; solicit donations; mobilize advocates; OR ALL OF THESE – inbound marketing is now the far most effective (and cost-efficient) methodology for meeting your association’s goals.

In “Inbound Marketing for Associations,” you’ll learn:    

  • How to attract, identify and convert social media followers and website visitors into high potential leads;
  • How to improve email campaign results through branching logic and automation;
  • How to create engaging inbound content from existing reports, presentations, etc.; and
  • How to easily coordinate, schedule, track and analyze all of your activities.

Plus, we’ve included an “Inbound in Action” section specifically related to member recruitment. Fill out the form to get your copy of "Inbound Marketing for Associations" now!