It's Not Just Who You Know

Contrary to old school thinking, media relations is not simply “who you know.” Relationships may mean selected calls get returned, but they are never guarantees of coverage.Hot RV industry

The proven science behind successful media relations is far more about knowing:

  • Where the most important conversations are taking place (online? in the trades? on cable business shows? etc.);
  • What story angles targeted writers/producers are interested in;
  • How to craft a winning pitch; and
  • When to conduct planned and opportunistic media outreach campaigns.

This is the kind of strategic thinking and experience-based execution we bring to our media relations campaigns.

But scoring a great media hit is not a “one-and-done” proposition. For those among target audience who do NOT see the TV story when it airs or read the article when it runs, we develop an aggressive “rippling” campaign to promote the coverage using social media, blogs, emails, newsletters, etc.

In this way, we ensure that media exposure translates into message traction and reputational gains.