What you DON'T know about your target audiences may hurt you (or at least, cost you a lot of time and money).

How intimately do you know - and understand - your target audience(s)? If you want to be sure that your marketing campaigns are getting to the heart of their challenges and aspirations (and pushing all the right buttons!), it's critical to segment your audiences through the development of comprehensive "buyer personas."   But, how do you start researching and creating these personas from scratch?

Our free ebook, "How to Create Buyer Personas For Your Business" will help you to easily organize your research to capture and analyze the demographics, psychographics and overall motivations of all of your target audiences. 

BPA-Cover-How to Create Buyer Personas-Finished 1st Draft-1.pngThis eBook includes tips and tricks for:

  • Asking the right probing questions during your persona interviews and surveys;
  • Organizing and analyzing your findings;
  • Presenting your insights to your organization; and
  • Using your buyer personas for segmentation, content mapping, and lead nurturing.